Mission Statement

The Marcan Tiger Preserve is dedicated to the preservation and protection of the critically endangered Bengal tiger. Through meticulous breeding programs, superior hands-on care, and innovative public outreach projects, our organization seeks to educate and challenge the current generation so that future generations will develop the love and respect for these animals which we believe to be the key to their long-term survival.

Our animals receive top quality food and veterinary care and are maintained by a staff available 24 hours a day. Our minimum standards of care exceed all regulations required for these animals and our dedication, knowledge, and devotion are known around the world. 

We are proud to boast the finest stable of Bengal tigers in the world and feel privileged to have the opportunity to fulfill our responsibility to these animals, sharing the message of the precarious position as well as the beauty and grace of the most magnificent animals on Earth.

Dr. Josip Marcan

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